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Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
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FAQs: Corrections

Where can I find a list of federally recognized tribes in the U.S.?
A list of federally recognized tribes in the U.S. is available at  Read More

Why can't I find death counts for the current year?
It takes about 2 years to process death data because core data collection runs the full calendar yea...  Read More

Are homicide counts limited to homicides committed by other inmates or facility staff?
No. The total homicide count includes all types of intentional homicide and involuntary manslaughter...  Read More

What qualifies as custody of an inmate?
In the Mortality in Correctional Institutions collection (MCI), custody refers to the physical holdi...  Read More

Can I get more details about federal mortality statistics?
Until the reauthorization of the Death in Custody Reporting Act (P.L. 113-242) in 2014, the Federal ...  Read More

How do I get paper copies of older reports that are not on your webpage?
You no longer have to order paper copies of BJS reports released prior to 1995. More than 450 BJS pu...  Read More

Why are there so many different counts for those under correctional supervision?
As with any specialized field, criminal justice has specific terms to convey specific ideas. Persons...  Read More

Where can I locate state-specific data on prison populations?
The Prisoners bulletin series provides state-level data on prisoners under the jurisdiction of ...  Read More

What is the difference between probation and parole?
Probation refers to adult offenders whom courts place on supervision in the community through a prob...  Read More

What is the difference between jails and prisons?
Jails are locally operated short-term facilities that hold inmates awaiting trial or sentencing or b...  Read More

Where can I find the data collections that are archived for public use?
Not all datasets are available for public use. We are actively working on mechanisms to ma...  Read More

Why are data so difficult to compare over years?
Caution must be used when using trend data, as definitions and reporting capabilities change over ti...  Read More

Why do data take so long to collect and publish?
Data collections vary in scope, burden, and frequency of collection - (see individual data collectio...  Read More

Does the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) collect data on deaths in custody?
BJS began to collect mortality data from state prisons, local jails, and local and state law enforce...  Read More

How many offenders have been executed?
In 2019, 22 inmates were executed in the United States. The Bureau of Justice Statistics' (BJS) Capi...  Read More

How many offenders are on probation?
The probation population decreased by 38,300 probationers during 2012, from 3,981,100 to 3,942,800. ...  Read More

What is prison?
Compared to jail facilities, prisons are longer-term facilities owned by a state or by the federal g...  Read More

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