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Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
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FAQ Detail
I want information that the Census Bureau has about neighborhoods, blocks, or detailed geography. Why can't I have it?

The Census Bureau has regulations to protect confidentiality of data, which prevents the public release of any information from small areas that might make it possible to identify individuals who participated in the survey. Geographically identified data from the NCVS can be made available to researchers on a restricted basis through the Census Bureau's Federal Statistical Research Data Centers (FSRDC), following the approval of a proposal detailing how the data will be used. For more information see:

Though the NCVS was originally designed to provide national level estimates of criminal victimization, BJS has recognized an increasing need for victimization data at the state and local level and has developed multiple approaches for obtaining subnational NCVS estimates. (See NCVS Redesign: Subnational for additional information about these approaches.) However, caution should be used when working with the restricted use files since sample at the local level may be limited and is not necessarily representative of the area as a whole.

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