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Product Type Title (and Summary) Date Product Number
Publication Criminal Justice Projection Package - User's Guide This is a comprehensive set of 10 programs designed to provide the tools for a wide range of forecasting tasks, including policy issues related to arrest projections, general processing flow, and prison population projections.
4/1/1982 NCJ 86832
Publication Federal Justice Statistics The Federal justice system has no body of comprehensive statistics about Federal offenders and little information about the Federal case flow.
Part of the Compendium of Federal Justice Statistics Series
3/1/1982 NCJ 80814
Publication Prisoners in State and Federal Institutions on December 31, 1980 This report examines the sharp increase in prison population growth during 1980 and discusses developments in the correctional field that could lead to even greater growth.
Part of the Prisoners Series
3/1/1982 NCJ 80520
Publication Prison Population Forecast for Washington State, Fiscal Year 1982-1995 - Methods, Procedures and Findings This report focuses on the projected prison population for the State of Washington for 1982 through 1995; forecasting components, methodology, and findings are emphasized.
3/1/1982 NCJ 82782
Publication National Reporting in the 1980's - 1982 UPR/NPR (Uniform Parole Reports/National Probation Reports) Seminar, March 1-3, 1982, Atlanta, Georgia Final Report This seminar report presents speech, panel, and workshop presentations on using national criminal justice data, national data collection, reporting in an era of budget-cutting, State responses to prison overcrowding, and setting priorities for national reporting.
3/1/1982 NCJ 90562
Publication Guide to Microcomputers for Criminal Justice Criminal justice agencies, particularly those interested in acquiring their first computer, can follow this nontechnical, step-by-step approach to purchasing a microcomputer.
1/1/1982 NCJ 87525
Publication Correctional Annual Report - Concepts and Examples Results of an investigation analyzing annual reports released by various State and Federal agencies throughout the country shows that most of the reports were of poor quality.
1/1/1982 NCJ 84930
Publication Confining Felons - Incapacitation as a Sentencing Strategy This assessment recommends against proposed Massachusetts legislation that would assign mandatory minimum sentences to specific crimes, arguing that criminality probably would not be reduced and the prison population would increase substantially.
1/1/1982 NCJ 96942
Publication MORGAN Data Management and Crime Analysis System - Executive Summary This document provides an overview of MORGAN, a comprehensive data management and crime analysis system for law enforcement agencies; system features and capabilities are described.
Part of the Use of Management of Criminal History Record Information Series
1/1/1982 NCJ 85153
Publication Criminal Justice Information Policy - Privacy and Juvenile Justice Records This document describes the development of the juvenile justice system and discusses the assumptions underlying the establishment of a separate juvenile justice system.
1/1/1982 NCJ 84152
Publication State Court Caseload Statistics - Annual Report, 1977 This report, third in a series, presents statistical caseload data compiled from annual reports of each State court system and from other data during 1977.
1/1/1982 NCJ 86854
Publication Prisons and Prisoners Based on the November 1979 Survey of Inmates of State Correctional Facilities and its companion Census of State Correctional Facilities, this bulletin presents data on inmate characteristics, inmate drug and alcohol abuse, confinement conditions, and correctional personnel.
Part of the Prisoners Series
1/1/1982 NCJ 80697
Publication National Crime Survey - Working Papers, Volume 1 - Current and Historical Perspectives Selections are presented pertaining to the objectives and design of the National Crime Survey (NCS), accounts of the early methodological and organizational steps establishing the design, and a discussion of conceptual issues associated with measuring victimization. Examples of problems and prospects for using NCS data are also presented.
12/1/1981 NCJ 75374
Publication Crime and the Elderly Based on data from the National Crime Survey over the past 8 years (1973-80), this report highlights the relative incidence of selected lesser and more serious crime against the Nation's 24 million elderly.
12/1/1981 NCJ 79614
Publication Capital Punishment, 1980: A National Prisoners Report This report is one in a series published under the National Prisoner Statistics (NPS) program. It summarizes data on prisoners under sentence of death in 1980, on prisoners executed since 1930, and on recent trends in capital punishment legislation.
Part of the Capital Punishment Series
12/1/1981 NCJ 78600
Publication Prevention and Control of Fraud - A Case Study of the Medicaid Program This report presents four case studies describing the efforts of the States of California, Michigan, Vermont, and Washington to control and prevent fraud in the Medicaid program.
11/1/1981 NCJ 86513
Publication Prevention and Control of Fraud - An Overview of Federal Efforts Because fraud prevention and control require the analysis of comprehensive, reliable, and timely information, this study determined what information is currently available about the nature and scope of fraud in government programs.
11/1/1981 NCJ 86512
Publication Report of the Incidence of Major Crime in Washington State, 1958-1979 This statistical report on the State's eight major categories of crime occurring from 1958 through 1979 provides a resource for analysis of changing patterns of crime throughout the State.
10/1/1981 NCJ 84820
Publication Criminal Victimization in the United States, 1973-1979 Trends This report examines 7-year trends and year-to-date change in National Crime Survey data on crimes of rape, robbery, assault, and larceny against persons and household burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft.
Part of the Criminal Victimization in the United States Series
10/1/1981 NCJ 77639
Publication Survey of Inmates of State Correctional Facilities, 1979 The variable description list and codebook are provided for the 1979 Survey of Inmates of State Correctional Facilities, one of a series of data gathering efforts during the 1970's to assist policymakers in assessing and overcoming any deficiencies in the Nation's correctional institutions.
9/1/1981 NCJ 96136
Publication Criminal Victimization in the United States, 1979 Seventh in a series of annual reports from the National Crime Survey, this edition presents comprehensive data on selected crimes of violence and theft for calendar year 1979.
Part of the Criminal Victimization in the United States Series
9/1/1981 NCJ 76710
Publication Arson-for-Profit Information Center - Final Review and Evaluation Report This report describes and evaluates New York City's Arson-for-Profit Information Center, a project which developed a research center staffed by 10 part-time senior citizens to collect data on mortgage and ownership transactions and access computerized administrative records on buildings as a basic aid in arson investigations.
9/1/1981 NCJ 80572
Publication Researching Arson-for-Profit - A Manual for Investigators and Prosecutors This manual outlines the processes required to develop an arson research system and describes the operation of the Arson-for-Profit Information Analysis Project of New York City.
9/1/1981 NCJ 85096
Publication Prisoners at Midyear 1981 Midyear statistics (through June 30, 1981,) on the Nation's prison population are discussed. Data were gathered from the departments of corrections in the 50 States and the District of Columbia.
Part of the Prisoners at Midyear Series
8/20/1981 NCJ 78756
Publication Census of Jails, 1978, Volume 3 - Data for Individual Jails in the South, Data in Volume 3 of this report are taken from the 1978 Census of Jails and its companion Survey of Jail Inmates for the 1,678 jails in the South; it is part of a series of reports on 3,493 county and city jails covered by the 1978 census.
Part of the Census of Jails Series
8/1/1981 NCJ 72281
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