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Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
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Product Type Title (and Summary) Date Product Number
Publication Census of Tribal Justice Agencies in Indian Country, 2002 Presents detailed information gathered on tribal law enforcement agencies, tribal courts and services, and criminal record systems from the 2002 Census of Tribal Justice Agencies in American Indian Jurisdictions.
12/1/2005 NCJ 205332
Publication National Correction Reporting Program, 2000 (CD-ROM) Collects data annually on prison admissions and releases and on parole entries and discharges in participating jurisdictions.
12/1/2003 NCJ 199937
Publication Prevalence of Imprisonment in the U.S. Population, 1974-2001 Presents estimates of the number of living persons in the United States, 1974 to 2001, who have ever been to State or Federal prison.
8/17/2003 NCJ 197976
Publication Education and Correctional Populations Compares educational attainment of State and Federal prison inmates, jail inmates, and probationers to that of the general population.
1/1/2003 NCJ 195670
Publication Immigration Offenders in the Federal Criminal Justice System, 2000 Describes the number of immigration offenders prosecuted in Federal court between 1985 and 2000.
8/6/2002 NCJ 191745
Publication Trends in State Parole, 1990-2000 Examines the changing nature of offenders entering and leaving parole and the effects on the trends and composition of the prison population.
10/3/2001 NCJ 184735
Publication Linking Uniform Crime Reporting Data to Other Datasets Outlines the contents and uses of the new Law Enforcement Agency Identifiers Crosswalk file.
5/1/2001 NCJ 185233
Publication Reconciling Federal Criminal Case Processing: A Federal Justice Statistics Program Methodology Report Summarizes the technical work underlying the conclusions of the Interagency Working Group on Federal Criminal Case Processing Statistics.
9/1/1999 NCJ 171680
Publication Prior Abuse Reported by Inmates and Probationers Describes prior physical and sexual abuse reported by persons in prison, in jail, or on probation.
4/11/1999 NCJ 172879
Publication Lifetime Likelihood of Going to State or Federal Prison Describes characteristics of persons admitted to prison for the first time, compares lifetime and one-day prevalence rates, considers changes in admission rates since 1991, and discusses the estimation techniques.
3/6/1997 NCJ 160092
Publication Domestic and Sexual Violence Data Collection: A Report to Congress under the Violence Against Women Act Reports how States and the Federal government collect data on the incidence of sexual and domestic violence offenses.
7/1/1996 NCJ 161405
Publication Noncitizens in the Federal Criminal Justice System, 1984-94 Describes noncitizens processed in the Federal justice system, including the number prosecuted and incarcerated from 1984 to 1994, the offenses for which they were prosecuted, and the sanctions imposed.
8/4/1994 NCJ 160934
Publication Performance Measures for the Criminal Justice System This compendium of Discussion Papers represents the work of the BJS-Princeton University Study Group on Criminal Justice Performance Measures.
10/1/1993 NCJ 143505
Publication Historical Corrections Statistics in the United States, 1850-1984 Summaries tables and commentary for published national government reports on corrections statistics for the period of U.S. history from 1850 (the date of the first national reports on the topic) to 1984.
12/1/1986 NCJ 102529

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