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Product Type Title (and Summary) Date Product Number
Publication State Court Caseload Statistics - Annual Report, 1979 This 1979 annual report of State court caseload statistics is the fifth in a series containing statistical caseload data compiled from the annual reports of each State court system and from other available data.
4/1/1984 NCJ 93910
Publication Victimization and Fear of Crime - World Perspectives This text presents national studies of victimization, reports on victim surveys at particular locations, focuses on victimization in two cities, and examines the functions of victimization surveys.
8/1/1984 NCJ 93872
Publication Criminal Victimization 1983 Preliminary data from the 1983 National Crime Survey show an overall 10 percent decline from 1982 in victimization rates for personal and household crimes.
6/1/1984 NCJ 93869
Publication Households Touched by Crime, 1983 This is the fourth annual bulletin in the series, 'Households Touched by Crime,' which measures the pervasiveness of crime in a way that goes beyond the life of the victim and into the lives of others also affected by the crime.
Part of the Crime and the Nation's Households Series
5/1/1984 NCJ 93658
Publication The Prevalence of Imprisonment A new statistical indicator is introduced that shows the pervasiveness of State imprisonment by measuring both the percentage of the Nation's population confined on any given day and the percentage that will ever have served a State prison sentence in their lifetimes.
7/15/1985 NCJ 93657
Publication Economic Cost of Crime to Victims This report presents the crime costs that the National Crime Survey (NCS) measures and identifies those crime costs it does not measure; it also considers why the total cost of crime to society is so difficult to determine.
4/1/1984 NCJ 93450
Publication Family Violence Despite obstacles a victim faces in acknowledging family violence, a significant amount of domestic assault is reported to National Crime Survey (NCS) interviewers, even in response to questions not specifically designed to explore this subject.
Part of the Criminal Victimization Series
4/1/1984 NCJ 93449
Publication Prisoners in State and Federal Institutions on December 31, 1982 This report presents data for 1982 on the number and movement of prisoners in all State and Federal correctional institutions, assesses the sharp growth in prison population during 1982, and surveys developments in the correctional field.
Part of the Prisoners Series
8/1/1984 NCJ 93311
Publication Prisoners in 1983 This bulletin presents 1983 yearend information on inmates confined under State and Federal jurisdiction.
Part of the Prisoners Series
4/1/1984 NCJ 92949
Publication Habeas Corpus - Federal Review of State Prisoner Petitions This report presents aggregate data describing rates, trends, and comparisons of State prisoner habeas corpus filings in Federal district and appellate courts, along with a summary of a Department of Justice (DOJ) study which analyzed the success rate and frequency of such filings, time intervals between filings, and the potential impact of a statute of limitations.
3/1/1984 NCJ 92948
Publication Is Crime Seasonal? This report reviews analytical issues that researchers must address when investigating fluctuations in crime and then uses data from the Illinois' Statistical Analysis Center to examine seasonality in crime types, geographic areas, and time periods.
1/1/1984 NCJ 92936
Publication How To Handle Seasonality - Introduction to the Detection and Analysis of Seasonal Fluctuation in Criminal Justice Time Series This report reviews the component and stochastic approaches to analyzing seasonality of crime and gives the analyst basic guidelines for using them in practical situations.
5/1/1983 NCJ 92928
Publication Criminal Victimization in the United States, 1982 Comprehensive statistical information about crime and its victims is presented in the 10th annual report based on results of the National Crime Survey (NCS).
Part of the Criminal Victimization in the United States Series
8/1/1984 NCJ 92820
Publication Bibliography of Statistical Applications in Law and Justice A total of 104 bibliographic listings cover 21 categories of statistical applications in various areas of criminal justice.
10/1/1983 NCJ 92766
Publication Federal Drug Law Violators Analysis of 1979 integrated data base data from 10 pretrial service districts indicate that 64 percent of Federal drug law offenders were involved with some level of selling, distributing, or dispensing controlled substances.
12/1/1984 NCJ 92692
Publication State Appellate Caseload Growth Documentary Appendix This report supplies background data for a project that documented, analyzed, and forecast State appellate court caseload trends, using filings gathered from 43 States going back 10 to 15 years and other court statistics.
10/1/1983 NCJ 92656
Publication Justice Expenditure and Employment in the US, 1971-79 This report presents figures and data tables showing Federal, State, and local levels and trends in public expenditures and employment for criminal justice activities in the United States between fiscal years 1971 and 1979.
Part of the Justice Expenditure and Employment Series
8/1/1984 NCJ 92596
Publication Beyond Crime - Law Enforcement Operational and Cost Data This survey of 53 U.S. law enforcement agencies presents information and data on their service and dispatches, agency reports, investigations, and resources, including staffing and training.
12/1/1983 NCJ 92481
Publication Analysis of Crime in Oregon - January-December, 1982 Data cover offense and arrest data statewide and by county (Index and Part II offenses) as well as clearances.
6/6/1984 NCJ 92373
Publication Severity of Crime This bulletin presents the seriousness scores developed by the National Survey of Crime Severity (NSCS). NSCS found that people clearly regard violent crime as more serious than property crimes.
1/1/1984 NCJ 92326
Publication Criminal Justice Data Analysis and Tracking Project - Final Report for the Bureau of Justice Statistics The research described examines convictability as a function of arresting officer characteristics, defendant characteristics of prosecuted vs. nonprosecuted cases, and sentencing disparity (factors influencing jail-time and the amount of fine).
5/10/1984 NCJ 92274
Publication Patterns of Change Over Time in the Illinois Adult Prison Population - 1941 to 1983 This analysis of trends in the Illinois adult prison population between June 1941 and April 1983 describes over 20 components of the inmate population, including male and female offenders, felony and misdemeanor populations, several types of admissions and releases, and the parole/community supervision caseload.
7/1/1983 NCJ 91992
Publication Bibliography on Crime Forecasting and Related Topics This bibliography on crime forecasting and related topics covers prison population projection models, criminal statistics, crime causation models, and social forecasting methodology.
5/9/1984 NCJ 91971
Publication American Response to Crime - An Overview of Criminal Justice Systems Based on 'Report to the Nation of Crime and Justice,' this bulletin provides an overview of the basic concepts in the response of criminal justice institutions to crime in the United States.
12/1/1983 NCJ 91936
Publication Impact of Colorado's Revised DUI/DWAI (Driving Under the Influence/Driving While Alcohol Impaired) Legislation on County Jails This report assesses the impact of Colorado's new 1982 laws against driving while intoxicated under the influence of alcohol (DUI).
1/1/1984 NCJ 91612
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