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Product Type Title (and Summary) Date Product Number
Publication Capital Punishment, 1984 Statistics on prisoners under sentence of death during 1984 accompany summaries of the year's legislation and U.S. Supreme Court decisions on the subject.
Part of the Capital Punishment Series
8/1/1985 NCJ 98399
Publication Blueprint for the Future of the Uniform Crime Reporting Program - Final Report of the UCR Study These recommendations of the Study of the National Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation detail the structure and procedures for a new UCR program.
5/1/1985 NCJ 98348
Publication State Court Model Statistical Dictionary - 1985 Supplement This supplement presents four kinds of data terminology that should be integrated into the first edition of the State Court Model Statistical Dictionary: revisions to entries in the first edition; data sets for juvenile petition types and juvenile adjudication outcomes; new classification schemes for events in court case processing.
1/1/1984 NCJ 98326
Publication Telephone Contacts '85 This directory lists the telephone numbers for the administrators and the subject area specialists at the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
9/1/1985 NCJ 98292
Publication Directory of Local Criminal Justice Computer Systems This directory contains descriptions of the automated information systems that support Virginia's local criminal justice agencies.
6/1/1985 NCJ 98217
Publication Data Quality of Criminal History Records This report examines the nature and extent of the data quality problem in criminal history records and evaluates strategies used to improve data quality.
12/1/1985 NCJ 98079
Publication Compendium of State Privacy and Security Legislation - 1984 Edition - Overview This compendium references and analyzes current State laws, regulations, executive orders, and the opinions of attorneys general pertaining to privacy and security of criminal history and record information.
9/1/1985 NCJ 98077
Publication Prison Admissions and Releases, 1982 These statistics on persons admitted to and released from State prisons in 1982 cover inmate demographic and offense characteristics as well as the median sentence given and the median time served before release.
7/1/1985 NCJ 97995
Publication Criminal Victimization of District of Columbia Residents and Capitol Hill Employees, May 1982-April 1983 Data from three victimization surveys conducted between May 1982 and April 1983 formed the basis of an analysis of the criminal victimization of people living in the District of Columbia and of people working on Capitol Hill.
9/1/1985 NCJ 97982
Publication Juveniles Arrested for Serious Felony Crimes in Oregon and 'Remanded' to Adult Criminal Courts - A Statistical Study This statistical profile of juveniles arrested for serious felony crimes in Oregon in 1980 and subsequently remanded to the adult criminal court supports the view that remanded juveniles are usually older males with extensive juvenile court histories involving predatory property crime.
3/1/1985 NCJ 97782
Publication Households Touched By Crime, 1984 These 1984 statistics on households victimized by crime are derived from National Crime Survey data on rape, personal robbery, assault, household burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft.
Part of the Crime and the Nation's Households Series
6/1/1985 NCJ 97689
Publication Annual Report of the Justice System Improvement Act Agencies, Fiscal Year 1984 This report describes the budgets, programs, and activities of the Justice Improvement Act agencies during fiscal year 1984.
9/1/1984 NCJ 97688
Publication Prosecution of Felony Arrests, 1980 This report, the third in a series, presents data from 28 jurisdictions (1) describing felony case processing in urban prosecutors' offices and (2) showing what happens to criminal cases between the arrest and the sentence to prison.
9/1/1985 NCJ 97684
Publication Felony Sentencing in 18 Local Jurisdictions Sentencing outcomes in the felony courts of 18 predominantly urban jurisdictions were examined using case-specific data on the sentences imposed on more than 15,000 felony offenders in 1983. Sentencing data came mainly from the entire county or independent city.
Part of the Felony Sentences in the United States Series
6/1/1985 NCJ 97681
Publication Response to Screening Questions in the National Crime Survey This technical report examines how the current (1981) National Crime Survey (NCS) screening questions National Crime Survey (NCS) screening questions elicit respondent reports of victimizations involving the crimes covered by the NCS.
Part of the Criminal Victimization: National Crime Victimization Survey Series
6/1/1985 NCJ 97624
Publication Offender Based Transaction Statistics, 1980 - California, Ohio, Pennsylvania This manual describes the development of the Offender Based Transaction Statistics (OBTS) and presents the variables and coding information for the data set consisting of the OBTS for California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania for 1980.
3/1/1985 NCJ 97602
Publication Offender Based Transaction Statistics (OBTS), 1981 - California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Utah This manual describes the development of Offender Based Transaction Statistics (OBTS) and presents the variables and coding information for the data set consisting of the OBTS for California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Utah for 1981.
3/1/1985 NCJ 97601
Publication Confining Felons - Incapacitation as a Sentencing Strategy This assessment recommends against proposed Massachusetts legislation that would assign mandatory minimum sentences to specific crimes, arguing that criminality probably would not be reduced and the prison population would increase substantially.
1/1/1982 NCJ 96942
Publication The Crime of Rape This bulletin profiles rape on the basis of an examination of all the cases of female rape and attempted rape reported in the National Crime Survey (NCS) from 1973 to 1982.
Part of the Criminal Victimization Series
3/1/1985 NCJ 96777
Publication Electronic Fund Transfer Fraud This report describes the nature and incidence of crimes involving two types of electronic funds transfer systems: automatic teller machines and wire transfers.
3/1/1985 NCJ 96666
Publication Criminal Victimization in the United States, 1983 Comprehensive statistical information about crime and its victims is presented in the 10th annual report based on results of the National Crime Survey (NCS).
Part of the Criminal Victimization in the United States Series
8/1/1985 NCJ 96459
Publication Overview of Criminal Justice in Ohio - Offender Based Transactional Statistics This report describes the structure of the Ohio's offender-based transactional statistics (OBTS) study which tracked about 2,500 major felons from 1982 court dockets through 61 criminal courts in 28 counties to provide clear, statistical answers to questions about case flow through the system.
10/10/1984 NCJ 96402
Publication Growth of Appeals - 1973-1983 Trends This bulletin reports the growth in State appellate court caseloads from the mid-1960's to the present, identifies factors associated with caseload growth, and describes the efforts undertaken to collect and analyze relevant data.
Part of the State Court Organization Series
3/1/1985 NCJ 96381
Publication Correlates of Incarceration Rates - Explaining the Pattern of Incarceration Between 1970 and 1979 - Final Report Possible indicators of incarceration rates are identified, and reasons for recent increases in prison populations are suggested.
4/1/1984 NCJ 96219
Publication National Justice Agency List, 1980 - Law Enforcement Agencies Subfile This codebook presents the variables and coding information for the data set which gives the names, addresses, agency types, employment numbers, and number of sworn police officers in almost 20,000 State and local law enforcement agencies contained in the National Justice Agency List.
9/1/1983 NCJ 96173
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