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Product Type Title (and Summary) Date Product Number
Publication Vision for Tomorrow: Assimilating Diversity in Florida's Criminal Justice System Recognizing the unique needs of criminal justice executives, the Florida Legislature created the Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute (FCJEI) in 1990 and subsequently required the institute to develop a multifaceted training program for potential or newly appointed managers and executives and to recognize human diversity in Florida's criminal justice system.
1/1/1993 NCJ 142474
Publication Criminal Victimization in the United States: 1973-1990 Trends Based on data collected through annual National Crime Victimization Surveys conducted between 1973 and 1990, this report summarizes trends in victimization rates for selected major crimes based on demographic characteristics of the victims and trends in victimizations that were reported to the police.
12/17/1992 NCJ 139564
Publication Criminal Victimization in the United States, 1991 The Bureau of Justice Statistics has tabulated over 120 numerical tables describing criminal victimization in 1991, based on the 19th annual National Crime Victimization Survey.
Part of the Criminal Victimization: National Crime Victimization Survey Series
12/1/1992 NCJ 139563
Publication Drugs, Crime, and the Justice System: A National Report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics Intended as a comprehensive resource, this volume details the nature and extent of illegal drug use in the United States, the relationship between drugs and crime, the dynamics of the illegal drug business, past and current drug laws and drug control policies, and the justice system's current response.
12/1/1992 NCJ 133652
Publication National Judicial Reporting Program, 1988 This report describes the number and characteristics of felons convicted in State courts in 1988 in the Nation overall and, separately, in the 75 largest counties.
12/1/1992 NCJ 135945
Publication Rethinking the Criminal Justice System: Toward a New Paradigm This paper describes the need for operational goals, objectives, and performance measures to replace or supplement the traditional criteria applied to the control of crime and the reduction of recidivism.
12/1/1992 NCJ 139670
Publication Bureau of Justice Statistics Statistical Programs: Fiscal Year 1993 This booklet presents application and administrative information for Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) grants, descriptions of two fiscal year 1993 BJS programs, and summary descriptions of fiscal year 1993 ongoing (BJS) statistical programs conducted in-house.
11/1/1992 NCJ 139373
Publication National Corrections Reporting Program, 1989 The National Corrections Reporting Program collected data on all prison admissions and releases and on all parole entries and discharges for calendar year 1989 in participating jurisdictions.
Part of the National Corrections Reporting Program Series
11/1/1992 NCJ 138222
Publication Patterns of Robbery and Burglary in 9 States, 1984-88 This report analyzes the Offender Based Transaction Statistics program data from nine States to provide some basic statistics on patterns of robbery and burglary for 1984-88.
11/1/1992 NCJ 137368
Publication Pretrial Release of Felony Defendants, 1990 The Bureau of Justice Statistics collected data through the biennial National Pretrial Reporting Program on criminal history, pretrial processing, adjudication, and sentencing information related to felony defendants in State courts in large urban counties.
11/1/1992 NCJ 139560
Publication Prisoners at Midyear 1982 At midyear 1982, the total U.S. prison population reached 394,380, representing a 6-month increase of 6.9 percent.
Part of the Prison and Jail Inmates at Midyear Series
10/31/1992 NCJ 84875
Publication Bureau of Justice Statistics National Update In highlighting new data on the level of criminal justice expenditures in the United States, this issue of the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) National Update indicates that spending for civil and criminal justice activities has increased dramatically between 1985 and 1990. The issue also addresses criminal justice outcome measures and BJS crime reporting initiatives.
10/1/1992 NCJ 138540
Publication Capital Punishment, 1991 Eight states executed 14 prisoners during 1991, bringing the total number of executions to 157 since 1976, the year that the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty.
Part of the Capital Punishment Series
10/1/1992 NCJ 136946
Publication Criminal Victimization 1991 According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, 34.7 U.S. residents age 12 or older were victims of crime in 1991. About 6.4 million experienced violent crimes including rape, robbery, and assault; 12.5 million were victims of thefts; and 15.8 million were victims of household crimes.
Part of the Criminal Victimization: National Crime Victimization Survey Series
10/1/1992 NCJ 136947
Publication Elderly Victims This report uses the most recent data from the National Crime Victimization Survey and the Comparative Homicide File to examine the characteristics of crime against the elderly.
Part of the Criminal Victimization: National Crime Victimization Survey Series
10/1/1992 NCJ 138330
Publication Prisoners at Mid-Year: 1992 - Four Percent More Prisoners in First Half of 1992 Statistical data are presented.
Part of the Prisoners at Midyear Series
10/1/1992 NCJ 138541
Publication Survey to Schools on Drug-related Disciplinary Actions Because of concern over the social, emotional, medical, and moral impact of drug use by young people in South Dakota and reporting requirements of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, this survey was designed to better understand the extent of drug-related incidents among middle school, junior high, and high school age students.
9/23/1992 NCJ 142780
Publication Colorado Replication of the 1990 National Prosecutors Survey The 1990 Bureau of Justice Statistics survey of prosecutor policies and procedures and factors influencing sentencing was replicated in Colorado using data obtained from chief prosecutors in each of the State's 22 judicial districts and district court files.
9/1/1992 NCJ 143494
Publication Compendium of Correctional Research in the States, 1986-91 This volume presents summaries of correctional research conducted in 19 States and Canada during 1986-91 on topics such as sentencing guidelines, prison overcrowding, prison population projections, correctional treatment programs, jail issues, and risk assessment.
9/1/1992 NCJ 138331
Publication Drugs and Crime Facts, 1991 This report presents the most current information available relating to drugs and crime published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics in more than two dozen different reports through the end of 1991.
9/1/1992 NCJ 134371
Publication Drunk Driving: 1989 Survey of Inmates of Local Jails This report examines the characteristics of persons who were confined in local jails under a charge or conviction for drunk driving in 1989.
9/1/1992 NCJ 134728
Publication Federal Criminal Case Processing, 1980-90, With Preliminary Data for 1991 This report presents detailed information on each stage of the processing of cases in the Federal criminal justice system for the years 1980 and 1985-90, with some data covering 1991 as well.
9/1/1992 NCJ 136945
Publication Justice Expenditure and Employment, 1990 This report presents the results of the Bureau of Justice Statistics' survey of 1990 Federal, State, and local justice expenditure and employment.
Part of the Justice Expenditure and Employment Series
9/1/1992 NCJ 135777
Publication Law Enforcement Management and Administration Statistics, 1990: Data for Individual State and Local Agencies With 100 or More Officers The 1990 Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics (LEMAS) survey questionnaire was mailed to all 780 State and local law enforcement agencies that reported employing 100 or more sworn officers in the 1986 Directory Survey of Law Enforcement Agencies; a sample of 2,338 agencies with fewer than 100 officers received a slightly abbreviated version of the questionnaire.
9/1/1992 NCJ 134436
Publication State Justice Sourcebook of Statistics and Research This volume is designed to bring together in one source information on the criminal justice system and the criminal justice research and analysis activities of each State, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.
9/1/1992 NCJ 137991
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