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Product Type Title (and Summary) Date Product Number
Publication Correctional Data Analysis Systems - Correctional Datagraphics - A Directory of Correctional Statistical Reports This directory of 163 prototypes of correctional statistical reports covers 15 different areas of administrative concern. It is designed for use by administrators, statisticians, and data processors to clarify input requirements for managerial reports and to resolve output format issues.
1/1/1981 NCJ 83985
Publication Crime Against the Elderly in 26 Cities This report uses National Crime Survey data from 26 cities to investigate personal victimization of the elderly (persons 65 years of age and older).
1/1/1981 NCJ 76709
Publication Criminal Justice Information Policy - Privacy and the Private Employer This document discusses the legal and policy issues associated with the release of criminal history information to private employers for use in connection with employment decisionmaking.
1/1/1981 NCJ 79651
Publication Dictionary of Criminal Justice Data Terminology - Second Edition, 1981 This technical reference work contains a large selection of proposed standard terms and definitions and model data structures, continuing the effort to develop a uniform national terminology for collecting and exchanging justice information and statistics. It incorporates material from and supersedes the 'Dictionary of Criminal Justice Data Terminology, First Edition (1976).'
1/1/1981 NCJ 76939
Publication Justice System Improvement Act Agencies - Second Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1981 This report discusses the programs under the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS); the National Institute of Justice (NIJ); the Office of Justice Assistance, Research, and Statistics (OJARS); LEAA; and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP).
1/1/1981 NCJ 86003
Publication Privacy and Security of Criminal History Information Compendium of State Legislation, 1981 Supplement State privacy and security laws regarding criminal history record information are compiled and analyzed in terms of the laws' substantive requirements and legislative trends.
1/1/1981 NCJ 79652
Publication Restitution to Victims of Personal and Household Crimes This report assesses the potential scope, structure, cost, feasibility, and effectiveness of programs in which convicted criminals make restitution to the victims of their crimes.
Part of the Criminal Victimization: National Crime Victimization Survey Series
1/1/1981 NCJ 72770
Publication Surveys of Inmates of State Correctional Facilities, 1974 and Census of State Adult Correctional Facilities, 1974 This document from the Survey of Inmates of State Correctional Facilities, conducted in conjunction with the Census of State Adult Correctional Facilities, 1974, contains codebook information and a variable description list, along with an introductory section containing a project summary and descriptions of data collection procedures.
1/1/1981 NCJ 96087
Publication Violent Crime in the United States The briefing book on violent crime, prepared as part of the National Indicators System for informing the White House of social and economic trends, presents graphs, tables, charts, and narrative describing the kinds of violent crimes, their likely victims and locations, and the offenders.
1/1/1981 NCJ 79741
Publication Capital Punishment, 1979 This report provides information on prisoners under sentence of death in 1979, on executions carried out during the 1930-79 period, and on recent developments in capital punishment laws.
Part of the Capital Punishment Series
12/1/1980 NCJ 70945
Publication Characteristics of the Parole Population - 1978 - Draft Part of the uniform parole reports series, this report contains discussion and statistics on the characteristics of the adult parole population in the united states as of December 1978.
12/1/1980 NCJ 66479
Publication Criminal Victimization in the U.S - A Description of 1973-78 Trends This report examines 6-year trends as well as year-to-year change in national crime survey data on selected crimes of violence and theft.
Part of the Criminal Victimization Series
12/1/1980 NCJ 66716
Publication Criminal Victimization in the United States, 1978 Sixth in a series of annual reports from the national crime survey, this report presents comprehensive data on selected crimes of violence and theft for calendar year 1978.
Part of the Criminal Victimization in the United States Series
12/1/1980 NCJ 66480
Publication Effect of Prison Crowding on Inmate Behavior Data from over 1,400 prison inmates together with archival data were used to evaluate psychological and physiological effects of crowding and various housing arrangements on inmates.
12/1/1980 NCJ 67444
Publication Justice Expenditure and Employment in the U S, 1979 NIJ/LEAA
Part of the Justice Expenditure and Employment Series
12/1/1980 NCJ 73288
Publication Parole in the United States, 1979 This report contains summary statistics about parole and mandatory release in the U.S. as of December 31, 1979.
12/1/1980 NCJ 69562
Publication Directory of Automated Criminal Justice Information Systems, 1980 The principal purpose of this directory is to serve as a ready reference for criminal justice planners in developing new information systems or in enhancing existing ones.
10/10/1980 NCJ 72563
Publication Functional Requirements Analysis of State Identification Bureaus Designed for identification bureau managers and technical staff, this report, one of a series of three, describes fingerprint bureau management and administrative requirements and discusses the operational functions of a typical State identification bureau.
10/1/1980 NCJ 76020
Publication Profile of Jail Inmates: Sociodemographic Findings From the 1978 Survey of Inmates of Local Jails An estimated 158,000 persons were being held in the country's 3,500 jails at the time of a nationwide survey conducted in February 1978 by the Bureau of the Census for the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
10/1/1980 NCJ 65412
Publication Systems Development Plan for State Identification Bureaus One of three publications assessing State identification bureaus, this report discusses the needs of identification bureaus and suggests system development approaches.
10/1/1980 NCJ 76021
Publication Communications Center Staff - A Review of Current Training and Employment Practices, With Recommendation for Improvement This document reports a 2-year study undertaken to develop better staff selection and training approaches to improve the operational skills of personnel in communications facilities.
9/1/1980 NCJ 86956
Publication Criminal Victimization in the U.S - Summary Findings of 1978-79 Changes in Crime and of Trends Since 1973 This national crime survey (NCS) report summarizes the 1978-79 changes in crime, noting the occurrence of 1.3 million more residential larcenies and 630,000 fewer noncontact personal larcenies. Crime trends since 1973 are reported.
Part of the Criminal Victimization Series
9/1/1980 NCJ 62993
Publication Design and Costing of 911 Systems - A Technical Manual - Final Report This technical manual for Federal, State, and local officials provides comprehensive step-by-step instructions for designing a 911 telephone system, including 911 system alternatives, personnel and equipment requirements, system implementation procedures, and cost estimate guidelines.
9/1/1980 NCJ 72934
Publication Expenditure and Employment Data for the Criminal justice System - Summary Report, 1978 - Draft This is the first in an annual series of summary reports to precede publication of the full annual report of expenditure and employment data for the criminal justice system, announced separately.
Part of the Justice Expenditure and Employment Series
9/1/1980 NCJ 66483
Publication National Directory of 911 Systems - Final Report This directory is a compilation of information on operating 911 emergency telephone number systems; the directory is intended for community planners considering establishing such systems.
9/1/1980 NCJ 72936
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