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Product Type Title (and Summary) Date Product Number
Publication Census of Jails, 1978, Volume 2 - Data for Individual Jails in the North Central Region In Volume 2 of this report, data are presented from the 1978 Census of Jails and its companion Survey of Jail Inmates for the 1,042 jails in the north-central region; it is part of a series of reports on 3,493 county and city jails covered by the 1978 census.
Part of the Census of Jails Series
8/1/1981 NCJ 72280
Publication Census of Jails, 1978, Volume 3 - Data for Individual Jails in the South, Data in Volume 3 of this report are taken from the 1978 Census of Jails and its companion Survey of Jail Inmates for the 1,678 jails in the South; it is part of a series of reports on 3,493 county and city jails covered by the 1978 census.
Part of the Census of Jails Series
8/1/1981 NCJ 72281
Publication Census of Jails, 1978, Volume 4 Data for Individual Jails in the West Volume 4 presents data from the 1978 Census of Jails and its companion Survey of Jail Inmates for the 566 jails in the West; it is part of a series of reports on 3,493 county and city jails covered by the 1978 census.
Part of the Census of Jails Series
8/1/1981 NCJ 72282
Publication Hispanic Victim - A National Crime Survey Report Based on data from the national crime survey, this report focuses on the nature of crime against Hispanics, comparing and contrasting selected characteristics of Hispanic and non-Hispanic victims, as well as of the crimes themselves. Data are based on annual averages for the period 1973-78.
8/1/1981 NCJ 69261
Publication Status of Offender Based Transaction Statistics (OBTS) System Development in the States This report presents the results of a survey of the States' development and use of offender-based transaction statistics (OBTS). Survey questionnaires were sent to the Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) Director in each State with an SAC and to the Criminal Justice Council (CJC) Director in each State without an SAC.
8/1/1981 NCJ 80624
Publication Analytic Plan for the Representation and Use of Offender Processing Statistics In response to States' questions on using offender processing statistics, this report defines each of the major structures for representing offender processing statistics, illustrates their use and display, and describes data bases supporting the structures. The major data source was a 1980 survey of States' use of offender-based transaction statistics (OBTS) systems.
7/1/1981 NCJ 80628
Publication Capital Punishment 1980 This bulletin presents statistics on executions, social demographic characteristics of death-row prisoners, methods of removal from death row, and developments in capital punishment law.
7/1/1981 NCJ 77750
Publication Bureau of Justice Statistics Five Year Program Plan, Fiscal Year 1982-1986 This document describes the goals, objectives, and programmatic areas to be supported by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) during fiscal years 1982 through 1986.
6/9/1981 NCJ 80837
Publication Issues in the Measurement of Victimization This volume summarizes 15 years of research on methodological issues in the measurement of criminal victimization by means of population surveys.
6/1/1981 NCJ 74682
Publication Latent Fingerprint Identification System Report The candidate-ranking algorithm developed for use in the New York State latent fingerprint identification system is described, and its use is evaluated, followed by an analysis of the development of similar systems by other criminal justice agencies.
6/1/1981 NCJ 81370
Publication System Development Guidelines - An ICAP (Integrated Criminal Apprehension Program) Manual This manual provides detailed, step-by-step guidelines for developing the integrated criminal apprehension program (ICAP) system, and can be used for any criminal justice information system based on the collection and analysis of information for an integrated approach to management.
6/1/1981 NCJ 81188
Publication Interstate Exchange of Criminal History Records Law and policy regarding the interstate exchange of criminal history records and the practical effect of various alternative methods of exchange are discussed based on comments made by criminal justice practitioners and experts during the National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics.
5/1/1981 NCJ 78981
Publication Prisoners in 1980 Statistics from the National Prisoner Statistics (NPS) Program are presented, including 1980 data on the prison population, overcrowded facilities, and changes in State legislation related to increased inmate populations.
5/1/1981 NCJ 76803
Publication Standardized Crime Reporting System's Exemplary SCRS Model Phase 4 - Final Report Results are presented from an effort to disseminate and transfer the Standardized Crime Reporting System (SCRS), a project intended to improve criminal justice information and statistics through the development and implementation of standardized methods for managing crime event data.
4/30/1981 NCJ 82453
Publication Sealing and Purging of Criminal History Record Information This report highlights the policy interests and conflicts raised by standards for sealing and purging criminal records and proposes a set of model sealing and purging standards for criminal history record information held by criminal justice agencies.
4/1/1981 NCJ 79012
Publication Criminal Victimization of California Residents The second in a series of reports based on State data from the National Crime Survey (NCS), this publication presents information on selected crimes of violence and theft experienced by California residents during a 4-year period.
Part of the Criminal Victimization Series
3/1/1981 NCJ 70944
Publication Expenditure and Employment Data for the Criminal Justice System, 1978 This is the 12th in a series of annual reports on public criminal justice expenditure and employment in the United States.
Part of the Justice Expenditure and Employment Series
3/1/1981 NCJ 66482
Publication Parole-Related Community Programs - A Review of Six Programs Descriptive profiles of six parole-related community programs are provided.
3/1/1981 NCJ 79512
Publication Privacy and Intelligence Information This paper reviews major issues involved in the development of policy governing police intelligence information management and introduces two operational policy models.
3/1/1981 NCJ 76967
Publication The Prevalence of Crime This bulletin explores a new way of looking at persons affected by crimes by using a measure of how many Americans -- victims and people living with them -- are touched each year by crime.
3/1/1981 NCJ 75905
Publication Victims of Crime Findings from the National Crime Survey (NCS) are presented in this informative pamphlet on victims of crime.
3/1/1981 NCJ 79615
Publication Measuring Crime This Bureau of Justice Statistics bulletin outlines the crimes that are measured and the methodologies that are used for the two major crime measurement programs: the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) program and the National Crime Survey (NCS).
Part of the Criminal Victimization: National Crime Victimization Survey Series
2/1/1981 NCJ 75710
Publication Prisoners in State and Federal Institutions on December 31, 1979 - Full Report This report, one in an annual series under the National Prisoner Statistics Program, contains information on the number and movement of prisoners in Federal and State correctional systems.
2/1/1981 NCJ 73719
Publication Probation in the United States, 1979 Based on data gathered through a feasibility study to explore the availability of aggregate probation information, this report provides statistics on the U.S. probation population and their movements for 1977-79, comparisons with other criminal justice indicators, and agency workload figures.
2/1/1981 NCJ 78837
Publication Census of State Adult Correctional Facilities, 1979 This document from the 1979 Census of Adult Correctional Facilities contains the variable description list and the codebook, as well as descriptions of the study, the file structure, processing information, and codebook information.
Part of the Census of State and Federal Correctional Facilities Series
1/1/1981 NCJ 96075
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