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Publication Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 2000

Phillip Kaufman, Xianglei Chen, Susan P. Choy, MPR Associates, Sally A. Ruddy, Amanda K. Miller, Jill K. Fleury, Education Statistics Services Institute, Kathryn A. Chandler, National Center for Education Statistics, Michael R. Rand, Patsy A. Klaus, Michael G. Planty, Ph.D., Bureau of Justice Statistics

October 26, 2000    NCJ 184176

Presents data on crime at school from the perspectives of students, teachers, principals, and the general population from an array of sources--the National Crime Victimization Survey (1992-98), the School Crime Supplement to the National Crime Victimization Survey (1989, 1995, and 1999), the School Associated Violent Death Study (1997-98), the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (1993, 1995, and 1997), the Fast Response Survey System Principal/School Disciplinarian Survey (1996-97), and the Schools and Staffing Survey (1993-94). A joint effort by the Bureau of Justice Statistics and National Center for Education Statistics, the report examines crime occurring in school as well as on the way to and from school. Data for crime away from school are also presented to place school crime in the context of crime in the larger society. The report provides the most current detailed statistical information to inform the Nation on the nature of crime in schools.

Part of the Indicators of School Crime and Safety Series

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