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Publication Improving Criminal History Records for Background Checks: National Criminal History Improvement Program (NCHIP)

May 1, 2003    

A preliminary report to the Attorney General on the improved disposition coverage for background checks per directive of July 28, 2001. This electronic report presents the goals, history, and accomplishments of NCHIP. It describes and gives examples from 11 States of one of the NCHIP emphases: to promote complete reporting of court case dispositions to central record repositories. The report summarizes responses to directives by the Attorney General requiring BJS to investigate the nature of incomplete criminal records, to recommend improvements in NCHIP, and to review the availability of non-criminal history records related to categories of prohibited firearm purchasers. Included are preliminary findings from the Attorney General's Survey of the State Criminal Records Repositories, a discussion of protecting records from terrorism, and a description of NCHIP initiatives.

Full report (PDF 178K)
ASCII file (30K)

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