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Publication HIV in Prisons, 1994

Peter M. Brien, Allen J. Beck, Ph.D., Bureau of Justice Statistics

March 1, 1996    NCJ 158020

State and federal prisons reported holding 22,713 inmates who were HIV positive in 1994. The inmates were 2.3% of the total prison population, about the same percentage as in 1991. Among state prisoners, women (3.9%) were more likely than men (2.4%) to be HIV positive. Almost 5,000 inmates, 1/2 of 1% of all prisoners, had confirmed AIDS at yearend 1994; this rate was seven times that of the general population. For each state and the federal prison system, the report provides the number of HIV-positive and active AIDS inmates, the number of AIDS-related deaths, and HIV-testing policies.

Part of the HIV in Prisons and Jails Series

Full report (PDF 81K)
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