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Publication Use and Management of Criminal History Record Information: A Comprehensive Report

Robert R. Belair, Paul L. Woodard, SEARCH

November 1, 1993    NCJ 143501

This report contains a comprehensive description of all aspects of the Federal and State criminal history record information (CHRI) systems. Included are discussions of the structure of State systems, the uses of criminal history information for both criminal justice and noncriminal justice purposes, the current system for the exchange of criminal records among the States and the Federal Government, the technologies and policies associated with the FBI's Interstate Identification Index and the Interstate Compact for the Exchange of CHRI, the developing systems for presale firearm purchaser checks, and new technologies relating to positive identification. The report uses nontechnical terms. SEARCH Group, Inc.

Part of the Use of Management of Criminal History Record Information Series

Full report (PDF 635K)

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