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Publication Crime Data Requests 1994-96: A Review of Requests for Crime Information from the State Law Enforcement Division of South Carolina

Kevin J. Strom, Bureau of Justice Statistics

March 1, 1998    NCJ 170028

Presents findings from the review of data requests made to the UCR Department of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) to gain an improved understanding of the types of criminal data most commonly requested and to identify standard incident-based tables that could streamline SLED's provision of information. These conclusions were developed following the analysis: 1) summary and incident-based information in the publication Crime in South Carolina satisfied an estimated one-third of requests; 2) the majority of requests could not be satisfied with published sources, thereby, requiring SLED to calculate the necessary summary or incident-based statistics; 3) about 40% of solicitations were for incident-based data.

Full report (PDF 264K)
ASCII file (26K)

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