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Publication Police-Public Contact Survey: Assessment and Recommendations for Producing Trend Estimates after 2011 Questionnaire Redesign

Marcus Berzofsky, DrPH, Glynis Ewing, Matthew DeMichele, RTI International, Lynn Langton, Ph.D., Shelley S. Hyland, Ph.D., Elizabeth Davis, Bureau of Justice Statistics

April 6, 2017    NCJ 250485

This research and development paper describes changes to the 2011 Police-Public Contact Survey (PPCS) and its impact on estimating trends. It details how the PPCS was redesigned in 2011 to better capture police-public contacts and characteristics of these encounters. A split-sample design was used to assess the extent to which apparent changes in rates, outcomes, and perceptions of contacts with police are a product of changes to the survey rather than actual changes in the rates over time. The report also discusses the adjustment factors that were created to allow for the examination of trends between 2002 and 2011.

Full report (PDF 654K)

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Police-Public Contact Survey (PPCS)

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