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Publication Arrest-Related Deaths Program Redesign Study, 2015-16: Preliminary Findings

Duren Banks, Ph.D., Paul Ruddle, Erin Kennedy, RTI International, Michael G. Planty, Bureau of Justice Statistics

December 15, 2016    NCJ 250112

Provides preliminary results of the Bureau of Justice Statistics' (BJS) redesign of the Arrest-Related Deaths (ARD) collection component of the Deaths in Custody Reporting Program, which was established in response to the Death in Custody Reporting Act of 2000 (P.L. 106-297), reauthorized in 2014. The ARD program represents a national accounting of persons who died during the process of arrest, including justifiable homicides by law enforcement personnel and deaths attributed to suicide, accidental injury, and natural causes. This technical report describes BJS's revised hybrid ARD data collection process using open information sources and detailed official records from law enforcement agencies and medical examiner/coroners (ME/C) offices. It presents an assessment of the open source data collection method and provides preliminary counts of the number of deaths and other information reported by law enforcement agencies and ME/C offices.

Part of the Arrest-Related Deaths Series

Summary (PDF 245K)
Full report (PDF 771K)
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