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Publication Characteristics of State Parole Supervising Agencies, 2006

Thomas P. Bonczar, Bureau of Justice Statistics

August 3, 2008    NCJ 222180

Presents appendix tables with state-level data from the Census of State Parole Supervising Agencies, 2006. Describes, by state, the number of adult parolees and probationers under supervision, the number of adult parolees at various required levels of supervision, and estimated parole supervision caseloads. Details, by state, parole supervising agencies that had a role in considering prisoners for release and agencies that had responsibility for conducting parole revocation hearings. Presents estimates of the number of prisoners released per 100 considered and the number of parole revocation hearings conducted, both for the year ending June 30, 2006.  Documents, by state, the use of drug abuse testing, various treatment programs, and the availability of housing and employment assistance programs. A technical supplement has been added to this report, including an expanded Methodology, appendix tables with state-level data, and detailed Explanatory Notes.


  • Five state agencies accounted for about half of the adults under parole supervision on June 30, 2006: Departments of Corrections in California (125,067 adults on parole); Texas (101,175); and Illinois (33,354); and two independent agencies, New York (53,215) and Pennsylvania (24,956, excluding adults supervised by county parole offices).
  • Half of parole supervising agencies had a role in releasing prisoners to parole, setting the conditions of supervision, or conducting revocation hearings.
  • Up to 16% of at-risk parolees in some agencies were re-incarcerated for a failed drug test.

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2006 Census of State Parole Supervising Agencies

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