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Publication Directory of Technology Use in Criminal Justice and Related Agencies, 1992

June 21, 1992    NCJ 152865

The survey began with an initial mailing in January 1992, followed by additional mailings in February and March. In March and April, phone surveys were conducted to obtain information from agencies that had not returned questionnaires. Agencies contacted in the course of the survey included circuit court judges and clerks, magistrate clerks, prosecutors, correctional agencies, jails, municipal police departments, sheriff departments, juvenile facilities, college and university campus police, professional criminal justice organizations, and other State agencies. Of 684 criminal justice and related agencies contacted by mail or phone, 683 responded; only one municipal police department refused to participate in the study. Of the 683 agencies, 377 reported the use of technology. Detailed information on the 377 West Virginia criminal justice and related agencies that use computer technology includes personal computer and mainframe computer types, operating systems, software, and other technology.


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