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Publication State Drug Resources: A National Directory

March 1, 1990    NCJ 122582

Organized alphabetically by State, the directory provides agency names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Also included are listings of Federal agencies that people frequently contact for information, as well as quick references of State agencies by area of specialty. The directory was compiled by the Drugs and Crime Data Center and Clearinghouse, which is a national resource center for drug-related crime information. Approximately 15 drug abuse, criminal justice, and policy offenses are listed for each State. Although most States have at least one of each type of agency some States do not. Federally sponsored drug control offices, national clearinghouses, national associations, and national drug abuse or criminal justice resources are listed in nine appendixes. As a quick reference, those drug control or statistical agencies common to each State have been assembled and listed alphabetically by State. Appendix.


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