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Publication Campus Law Enforcement, 2004-05

Brian A. Reaves, Ph.D., Bureau of Justice Statistics

February, 2008    NCJ 219374

Presents findings from a BJS survey of campus law enforcement agencies serving 4-year colleges and universities with 2,500 or more students. The survey covered the 2004-05 academic year and collected data from agencies using sworn police officers and those using only nonsworn security officers. The report compares law enforcement agencies serving public and private campuses by number and type of employees, screening methods used for hiring officers, training and education requirements for officers, agency functions, types of equipment, computers and information systems, special programs, and written policy directives. General campus characteristics, including crime statistics, are also summarized. Appendix tables include data from 2-year public colleges with an enrollment of 10,000 or more.


  • Three-quarters of campus law enforcement agencies used sworn officers with full arrest powers.
  • Nearly all campuses had 24-hour patrol, a 3-digit emergency number, and emergency blue-light phones.
  • Among schools with 5,000 or more students, private campuses had more law enforcement employees per capita than public campuses.

Part of the Campus Law Enforcement Series

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Survey of Campus Law Enforcement Agencies

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