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Publication Crime and Justice Report for the District of Columbia, 1991

January 18, 1993    NCJ 140510

The data address 5-year and 10-year trends and are presented in an order that parallels the actual flow of cases through the criminal justice system, from reported offenses to corrections and parole. Information on juvenile justice trends is provided, as well as descriptions of the criminal and juvenile justice processes. The report opens with a discussion of government expenditures in general and for public safety and justice. The law enforcement section contains information on reported crime, adult arrests, and characteristics of adult arrestees. Data on prosecutions and convictions by type of offense are presented in the section on courts. In the corrections section of the report, data are presented on the average daily population in correctional facilities and incarceration rates. The section on parole reports data for grants and revocations. The juvenile justice section provides data on juvenile arrests, prosecutions and dispositions, juvenile drug use, and characteristics of juvenile arrestees. 34 tables and 13 figures


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