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Publication Drugs, Crime, and the Justice System: A National Report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics

December 1, 1992    NCJ 133652

Emphasizing the intersection of crime control and drug control, the volume also discusses the roles of the medical, educational, and financial systems and presents information from several disciplines. It explains the drug-crime relationship; patterns and consequences of drug abuse; and the cultivation, manufacturing, and sales of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, PCP, and other illegal drugs. Other sections provide a history of drug control efforts and public attitudes toward drugs; an overview of past and current drug control laws, policies, and programs; and a discussion of the purpose, techniques, and legal and program aspects of drug testing. The societal costs of illegal drug use are also described, including criminal justice system expenditures, expenditures for drug treatment and prevention, and costs such as lost productivity that are difficult to quantify. The concluding sections detail the justice system's response and focus on drug law enforcement at the Federal, State, and local levels; prosecution and adjudication; sentencing and sanctions for juvenile and adult offenders; and correctional populations. Figures, tables, reference lists, form on which to order other clearinghouse publications, and index


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