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Publication CBFMT - A Style file for Producing Machine Readable Users' Guides

September 30, 1979    NCJ 68008

It describes the system used to create machine-readable users' guides from OSIRIS III or OSIRIS IV machine-readable dictionaries. The system uses a special purpose program to merge dictionary information from OSIRIS into a format input file. Two libraries of format macros and functions are then used to expand the dictionary and labeling information into a printed users' guide. Although the system has been designed around the format document processing language, it is directly applicable to any document processing language with a macro facility. By suitable redefining of format macros, the same file can serve as a machine-readable codebook, a paper questionnaire, a driver for a computer assisted telephone interviewing program, and an input file to an information retrieval system. An example of a machine-readable users' guide, in conformance with the style outlined in 'a style manual for machine-readable data and their documentation' and containing examples of the use of all macros and functions in CBFMT, is appended. Footnotes are provided. (Author Abstract Modified)

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