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Publication Compendium of State Privacy and Security Legislation: 1997 Overview - Idaho; Idaho Code Annotated

May 1, 1997    NCJ 170048

The Idaho Code mandates that the Idaho State Police, the keepers of criminal history information, shall cooperate and exchange information with other State agencies and law enforcement agencies both within and outside the State to facilitate crime control. Procedures are mandated for the collection, management, and dissemination of criminal history and criminal identification records and statistics. Regarding access to public records, the Idaho Code states that every citizen has a right to inspect and take a copy of any public record of the State, except as otherwise expressly provided by statute. Forty- one types of records are mandated for exemption from disclosure; however, one provision of the code states that a person may inspect and copy the records of a public agency pertaining to that person, even if the record is otherwise exempt from public disclosure. Sections of the code also pertain to proceedings to enforce the right to examine or to receive a copy of records, as well as a prohibition on the distribution or sale of mailing or telephone number lists.


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