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Publication Beyond Crime - Law Enforcement Operational and Cost Data

Mark A. Cunniff, National Association of Criminal Justice Planners

December 1, 1983    NCJ 92481

Participating agencies completed a 17-page questionnaire on a number of operational and cost factors associated with their routine practices. Aggregate data were drawn from a 1-year reference period, with most of the data reflecting the 1982 calendar year. The report demonstrates that administrative and cost data can be collected through the cooperative efforts of selected jurisdictions. While the sample does not claim to be representative, it enables agencies to compare their operations to 53 other agencies from around the country. The report's first section provides information and data on calls for service, dispatching, priority calls, 911 and Computer Aided Dispatch systems, patrol car characteristics, patrol duties, and patrol car costs. Information on agency reports covers report-writing rate, types of reports, crime reports, and arrests, while the information on investigations deals with the role of patrol, case screening, and disposition of cases. The chapter on resources focuses on agency budgets, budget distribution, staffing, staff distribution, training, recruits, and training costs. Extensive tabular data and charts are provided.


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