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Publication State Court Caseload Statistics, 2003

January 1, 2004    NCJ 206031

An introduction provides an overview of the uses, ingredients, and interpretation of State court caseload statistics. In order to help achieve the potential of caseload statistics, the introduction discusses why caseload statistics are useful, their ingredients, and how they can address practical problems. The introduction is followed by a presentation of State court structure charts for appellate courts and trial courts. The next section addresses jurisdiction and State court reporting practices. Data and information cover reporting periods for all State courts for 2002, appellate courts' methods for counting cases, the cost of civil filings in State trial courts, the unit of count used by trial courts for criminal cases and juvenile cases, State trial courts with incidental appellate jurisdiction, the number of authorized judges/justices in State courts, and the method of counting civil cases in State trial courts. Sixteen tables address State court caseload for various types of cases in trial and appellate courts. 16 tables and appended data and information on methodology, sources of 2002 State court caseload statistics, and State populations_x000D_


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