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Publication Compendium of State Privacy and Security Legislation: 1997 Overview - Florida; Florida Statutes Annotated

May 1, 1997    NCJ 170045

Florida's Department of Law Enforcement Act of 1974 includes a provision that establishes the Division of Criminal Justice Information Systems within the Department of Law Enforcement. Related provisions pertain to criminal justice information collection and storage, fingerprinting, disposition reporting, the dissemination of criminal justice information, and the exchange of Federal criminal history records and information. Provisions also address records and audits; access to as well as review and challenge of criminal history records; public access to records; and criminal history record expungement or sealing. Chapter 119 of the Florida code sets policy for access to public records. Except as otherwise provided in law, Florida's policy is to open all public records for personal inspection by any person. Exemptions are specified for the inspection, examination, and duplication of records. Other materials included in this compendium are rules of the Department of Law Enforcement that govern criminal history and identification records, the operation of the Criminal Justice Information Systems Council, the criminal history records dissemination policy, criminal history records expungement, and criminal history record review and correction. Some attorney general opinions on access to various types of records are included as well.


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