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Publication Prisoners in 1991

Tracy L. Snell, Danielle C. Morton, Bureau of Justice Statistics

May 1, 1992    NCJ 134729

The inmate population increased by 150 percent between 1980 and 1991, with a growth rate of 6.2 percent during 1991. The number of male inmates increased 6.1 percent, while the number of female inmates increased 7.8 percent. Prisoners with sentences of more than 1 year accounted for 96 percent of the year-end population. The others were awaiting trials or had sentences of a year or less. The number of sentenced prisoner per 100,000 residents reached a new record of 310 at the end of 1991. Prison populations increased the fastest in northeastern States. Local jails held more than 12,000 State prisoners because of crowding in State facilities. Tables and notes

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