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Publication Preliminary National Crime Victimization Survey Data, Press Release

April 1, 1992    NCJ 136326

The survey sample included approximately 95,000 people living in 48,000 nationally representative households, who were asked about crimes they had experienced in the previous 6 months. The survey included both reported and unreported crimes; only 37 percent of all crimes, including 49 percent of violent crimes, were reported to law enforcement agencies in 1991. These increases were still well below the record level of victimizations recorded in 1981. Although there were significant increases in the preliminary estimates of rapes and simple assaults in 1991, the rates per capita were only marginally higher than the previous year, and the estimated number of burglaries per 1000 U.S. households (52.6) was actually at or near the lowest rate since the survey began in 1973. 1 table and 2 figures


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