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Publication Compendium of State Privacy and Security Legislation: 1997 Overview - Tennessee

February 28, 1994    NCJ 170077

A statutory section on juvenile courts and proceedings focuses on the implementation of a State registry to screen child care providers, as well as the confidentiality of the identity of persons who have reported suspicions of child abuse. Chapter 6 of the Tennessee Code, which pertains to the establishment and operation of the State Bureau of Investigation, contains sections on requests by the governor for investigative records and the certification of records by the director of the Bureau. Chapter 10 of the Code addresses the intrastate communication of criminal statistics, and Part 6 of this chapter pertains to computer offenses, which includes violations of the confidentiality and security of computerized records. Other chapters focus on the expungement of records, the destruction of records upon dismissal or acquittal, and the use of criminal history records for background checks on persons applying for pawnbroker licenses and for persons being considered for appointment to the Tennessee State Racing Commission, as well as persons and businesses involved in private investigations. Parameters for the operation of the Tennessee Crime Information Center and the automated fingerprint information system are included as well. The Tennessee attorney general's opinion is included on the release of criminal history files to governmental non-law enforcement agencies.

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