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Publication Criminal Victimization 1989

Joan M. Johnson, Marshall M. DeBerry Jr., Bureau of Justice Statistics

October 10, 1990    NCJ 125615

About 37 percent of these crimes were reported to the police, a proportion similar to that of 1988. Although the overall level of crime did not change from the 1988 level, the number of certain types of crimes changed significantly. Burglaries decreased by 7.3 percent, and household larcenies by 6.4 percent. Crime rates varied geographically: the household crime rate rose significantly in the south and dropped significantly in the midwest. The rate of personal crime in the midwest also showed a significant decline. The overall level of crime has decreased significantly from the peak year of 1981, with a total drop of 11 percent for violent crimes and 15 percent for household crimes. Figures and tables.

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