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Publication Criminal Justice in the 1990's: The Future of Information Management

April 10, 1990    NCJ 121697

The keynote address, "Strategies for Controlling Drug Abuse," discusses the pervasiveness of drug use and the alternatives the Office of National Drug Control Policy has to address the problem. The directors of the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Bureau of Justice Assistance discuss their agencies' activities, priorities, and plans, with particular reference to information systems. Five addresses focus on changes in information management. One presenter provides a brief history of developments in criminal justice technology, noting the contributions of technology to the Uniform Crime Reports, the National Crime Survey, and the accumulation of individual offenders' longitudinal records. Another address reviews information system developments from both the technical and political perspective. Other presenters consider the interplay between intergovernmental relations, public policy, and information systems; the history of Federal regulations in initiating improvements in data quality; and the possibility of an electronic society that erodes personal privacy rights.

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