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Publication Jail Inmates, 1986

Susan A. Kline, Bureau of Justice Statistics

October 1, 1987    NCJ 107123

During the year ending June 30, 1984, there were 16.6 million jail admissions and releases. Males constituted 92 percent and whites 58 percent of all jail inmates. Of inmates, 53 percent were unconvicted; 47 percent were convicted. Of the 361 jurisdictions with at least 100 inmates in 612 jails, occupancy rate was 108 percent over capacity, and 26 percent of jails held inmates because of overcrowding at other facilities. Of these jails, 23 percent were under court order to limit populations, and 23 percent had been ordered to improve conditions of confinement. Inmate deaths were reported by 323 percent of jails. There were 277 inmate deaths, a decrease of 9 percent from the preceding year, and 52 percent of these were from natural causes. 10 tables.

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