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Publication Probation and Parole, 1985

Lawrence A. Greenfeld, Bureau of Justice Statistics

January 1, 1987    NCJ 103683

Tables present the following data for the aforementioned jurisdictions: probation and parole populations as of December 31, 1984, and December 31, 1985; probation and parole entries and exits for 1985; percent change in probation and parole populations for 1984-1985; and 1985 probationers and parolees per 100,000 adult residents. Another table shows State prison releases for each year of 1977-1985 by method: discretionary parole, mandatory release, expiration of term, probation, commutation, and 'other.' Data also show correctional populations, percent of adult population under sanction (probation, jail, prison, and parole), and percent change for 1983-1985. Notes on probation and parole data qualifications for certain States and a listing of new releases from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Part of the Probation and Parole Populations Series

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