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Publication Crime and Justice Facts, 1985

May 1, 1986    NCJ 100757

Criminal victimization rates for property crimes, personal crimes, and violent crimes are presented and compared with those of past years. The location of specific types of crimes; the economic cost of crime; and differences among urban, suburban, and rural crime are noted. Victim-offender relationships for various crime types are presented. Victim and crime profiles are outlined for rape, household burglary, bank robbery, and electronic fund transfer fraud. Factors influencing crime reporting are outlined. Data on criminal justice processing covers court caseloads, prosecution, indigent defense, pretrial release, guilty pleas, appeals, and civil and criminal justice costs. State sentencing practices also are examined, as is the relationship between sentence length and prison time served. Characteristics of the prison population are enumerated, and prison overcrowding is discussed. Capital punishment is considered in terms of total death sentences, executions, and offender profiles. Finally, the drug/alcohol-crime relationship, recidivism rates, and criminal career patterns are discussed. A list of 35 Bureau of Justice Statistics bulletins and reports.

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