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Publication Capital Punishment 1983 - National Prisoner Statistics

Mimi Cantwell, U.S. Census Bureau

April 1, 1986    NCJ 99561

Inmate data encompass age, sex, race and ethnicity, marital status at the time of imprisonment, educational level, and State and region of incarceration. Principal judicial decisions pertaining to capital punishment are summarized. Inmate legal information covers offense, time on death row, and the method of removal and status at year's end for persons removed from death row. Data address relevant statutory changes in each jurisdiction, execution methods, automatic appeals for persons receiving the death sentence, and whether there is a minimum age at which it can be imposed. This year's report adds inmate criminal histories and the legal status of the offenders at the time of the capital offense. Tabular data cover the number of persons executed by jurisdiction for 1930-83, persons under the death sentence for 1953-83, and the number of women on death row for 1972-83. An appendix reviews survey methodological changes in the last few years.

Part of the Capital Punishment Series

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