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Publication Compendium of State Privacy and Security Legislation - 1984 Edition - Overview

September 1, 1985    NCJ 98077

This text contains four subsections. The first reviews the status and direction of State law and policy relating to criminal history and record information. It begins by reviewing the current status of State laws and policies concerning the collection, maintenance, and dissemination of criminal history records. It concludes by identifying three controversial issues that warrant further attention: (1) data quality, (2) dissemination of criminal history record information, and (3) access for noncriminal justice purposes. The second subsection defines the categories into which State laws and regulations have been classified for both the individual and summary State tables. Among the terms defined are State Regulatory Authority, Regulation of Dissemination, Right to Inspect, Removal of Disqualifications, and Transaction Logs. Subsection three provides two summary tables which show trends and developments in criminal justice information law and policy by classification category. The fourth subsection lists the titles of the official compilations of State laws and regulations enacted or amended since 1981, the full titles for each classification category, and the citations indicating section numbers of State codes. The appendix describes State statutes on access to criminal history record information for noncriminal justice purposes. Forty-five footnotes are included.


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