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Publication Commercial Victimization Surveys, 1972-1975 (United States) Cities Sample

March 1, 1985    NCJ 98799

In addition to presenting the study description, the introduction discusses the sample design, the survey methodology, the file structure, codebook information, and processing information. The variable description list presents the variables under the following categories of information: business, crime, security, incident, offender, injury, fatality, illegal entry, damaged merchandise, theft, employees' lost time, security after the incident, and reporting the crime. The codebook for the variables contains (1) the variable and reference numbers, (2) the abbreviated variable name, (3) the code values of missing data, and (4) the starting location and width of the variable when the data are stored on a magnetic tape in the OSIRIS format. The codebook also indicates the location by deck and column of each variable when the data are stored on cards or in card-image format. The full text of the question used to obtain variable information is provided as well. The appendix contains the questionnaire.

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