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Publication Capital Punishment, 1982: National Prisoner Statistics

Mimi Cantwell, U.S. Census Bureau

August 1, 1984    NCJ 91533

As in past editions, it examines the basic characteristics of incoming, outgoing, and yearend death-row inmates -- sex, race, region, ethnic origin, age, marital status at time of imprisonment, and level of education. Criminal justice matters treated include offense, prior felony convictions, murder convictions, legal status at time of arrest, time spent on death row, and, for those removed from death row, both the method of removal and status at yearend. Data on whether laws provide for automatic appeal and on the minimum age at which the death sentence can be imposed are reported for the second year in a row. Four appendixes contain summaries of current and past penalty laws for each jurisdiction, the data tables on which the report is based, facsimiles of the questionnaires used to collect the data, and the methodology. Data for the report were collected and analyzed by the Bureau of the Census under contract to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. (Author abstract)

Part of the Capital Punishment Series

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