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Publication Prisoners in 1983

April 1, 1984    NCJ 92949

The change in total prison population for 1974-83 is statistically portrayed, along with the number of prisoners under jurisdiction of State and Federal authorities, by region and State, for yearend 1982 and 1983. A graph shows the number of sentenced State and Federal prisoners for yearend 1925-83, and tables present the percent change in prison population by region for 1982-83 as well as the percent change in States with more than 15,000 inmates, 1980-83. Data are also presented on (1) the prison situation, by State with 10,000 or more prisoners, at yearend 1983; (2) States holding prisoners in local jails because of overcrowding; (3) women in State and Federal institutions, 1974-83; (4) States with more than 500 women inmates; (5) States in which inmates with short sentences or no sentence comprise 10 percent or more of the prison population; (6) prison beds added, under construction, and planned, 1981-82; (7) expenditures by State correctional systems, 1971-83; (8) reported Federal and State prison capacities, yearend 1983; (9) prison population (excluding prisoners confined to jail because of prison overcrowding) as a percentage of highest and lowest reported capacities, yearend 1983; (10) a profile of prison crowding by State, 1983; (11) State prison populations and reported capacities, 1978-83; and (12) estimated percentage distribution of inmates by age of facility and by region, yearend 1983. Narrative interpretation of the data is provided, and sources of the data are listed.

Part of the Prisoners Series

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