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Publication Probation and Parole, 1982

Tanya Broder, National Council on Crime and Delinquency

September 1, 1983    NCJ 89874

At the end of 1982, 72 percent of the adults under correctional supervision were supervised in the community through probation or parole, with 11 percent being on parole, 61 percent on probation, 9 percent in jail, and 19 percent in prison. For these data, the parole population includes all adults under Federal or State parole supervision, and the probation population includes all adults who, as part of a Federal, State, or local court order, have been placed under the supervisory authority of a probation agency. The prison population includes all inmates of Federal and State institutions sentenced to more than 1 year. The jail population includes both convicted and unconvicted adults held in locally operated jails. Tabular and graphic data are provided.

Part of the Probation and Parole Populations Series

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