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Publication District of Columbia Household Victimization Survey - Data Base Documentation

December 10, 1984    NCJ 98596

The tape is standard IBM labeled with a recording density of 6,250 bpi. It contains three separate data files with corresponding data file dictionaries as defined in an appended table of contents. The data pertain only to completed interviews and do not contain confidential data items. The Person Level Data File mainly contains data for two of the questionnaire sections. The In Scope Crimes File contains records for crimes that occurred during the period under study. The Out of Scope Crimes File contains records for events that did not fall within the analysis period or were not crimes of interest. The nature of the data file dictionaries, the conventions used in naming the variables and placing them in the data base, and the contents of each data file are explained. Appendixes present the tape volume table of contents and give the data elements and response frequencies for each of the three files. (Author summary modified)

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