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Publication Directory of Criminal Justice Issues in the States, Volume 1

June 1, 1984    NCJ 94450

The directory is designed to inform national policymakers on critical criminal justice issues under debate and analysis in the States, inform State policymakers on the current activities of other States to promote the exchange of information, and strengthen awareness of the work of the statistical analysis centers (SAC's). The first section of the directory is a brief narrative summarizing the various activities conducted, focusing on critical State and national criminal justice issues. The second section summarizes each of the 259 activities performed by the SAC's in 1983. Included in each summary is the title, brief description, data sources used, date of completion, and a contact person. The list is alphabetized by State. Section three is an index of all activities by substantive area, to help locate all activities dealing with a particular topic. An appendix contains the address and telephone number of each SAC and a brief description of the Criminal Justice Statistics Association.


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