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Publication Data on the Penal Population in the Industrial School for Women

January 1, 1983    NCJ 95362

This represents a 31.9 percent decrease in the penal population. Of sentenced inmates, 72.9 percent were drug addicts and 15.5 percent were alcoholics in 1973, as compared to 72.8 percent and l5.7 percent, respectively, in 1982. Median age of sentenced inmates was 28.4 in 1973 and 30 in 1982; median age of detainees was 32 in 1973 and 24 in 1982. For both samples, the modal offense was violation of the Controlled Substances Act, with frequencies of 94 in 1973 and 24 in 1982, for a reduction of 78.7 percent. The next most frequent crime was attempted robbery. This was found for both samples, with a 1973 frequency of 8 and a 1982 frequency of 14. Median days served by detainees were 51 in 1973 and 41.6 in 1982. Data suggest that more sociopenal and custodial personnel are needed, as are more rehabilitative services targeted for drug addicts. More money should be allotted to rehabilitation, and employment for these women should be given priority in the social rehabilitation process. The report is presented in Spanish and English language versions. Additional information is provided in tables and graphs.


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