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Publication Expenditure and Employment Data for the Criminal Justice System - Longitudinal File, 1971-1979

May 1, 1983    NCJ 96148

An introduction describes the study and discusses data collection, sampling, weighting, information processing, file structure, and codebook information. Variables include full-time and part-time employees and payroll; expenditures for current operations, capital outlay, and contributions to employee benefits; and intergovernmental expenditures paid to State and local governments. Figures cover the following sectors of the criminal justice system: police protection; judicial, legal services, and prosecution; public defense; corrections; and other criminal justice services. Data for the longitudinal file, 1971-79, include records for approximately 50 States, 3,030 counties, 7,466 cities, and 2,783 townships. Data are presented in two formats: a card-image file and an OSIRIS data set. A glossary is included.

Part of the Justice Expenditure and Employment Series


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