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Publication Criminal Justice Projection Package - User's Guide

Owen Dall, Criminal Justice Statistics Association

April 1, 1982    NCJ 86832

The emphasis of the presentation is on interactive processing, quick results, and flexibility of use. The user's first step is to read the brief program descriptions, which will give the new user a general overview of each program module's function. The programs are population entry and display, State population estimator, arrest entry and display, arrest projection, arrest regrouper, flow and prison population entry and display, flow projection, prison parameter entry and display, prison population projection, and peak prison population projection. The next step is a perusal of the Summary Tables, which gives the user an understanding of the order in which programs must be run and the data requirements for each. Information is presented in more detail in the 'Requirements Chart' at the beginning of each program module section. Each chart outlines (1) prior program runs required, (2) input required, and (3) output provided. One chapter describes a routine common to many of the program modules, the 'Screen Entry and Edit' routine, which is the procedure used for entering and editing data interactively using the computer terminal. The final chapter describes a sample run from population data entry to prison population, using each program module. The appendixes provide a closer look at the mathematical algorithms and the data file structure used throughout the program package. (Author summary modified)


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