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Publication Correctional Annual Report - Concepts and Examples

Roger L. Pennel, Charles M. Friel, Harriett J. Allie, Barbara L. Hart, Sam Houston State University

January 1, 1982    NCJ 84930

Requests for copies of recent reports were sent to the 50 State correctional agencies as well as the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the District of Columbia Department of Corrections. Examples were received from 43 departments, 8 indicating that they did not publish such a report. The reports were submitted to an extensive content analysis, examining physical construction and format as well as content and organization. Only a few departments were found to produce outstanding reports, containing the kind of information that would satisfy many ad hoc requests. Most of the reports reflected a lack of care and creativity in their preparation. This report offers a critique of the current state-of-the-art of the correctional annual report. Suggestions for developing a professional annual report, including a list of potential consumers and a list of the major informational objectives, are given. Examples extracted from various State and Federal correctional reports are included to illustrate successful graphics. Guidelines focus on content, style, and format. Tables, exhibits, and about 100 references are supplied.


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