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Publication Criminal Victimization of California Residents

J. Frederick Shenk, U.S. Census Bureau

March 1, 1981    NCJ 70944

The data, collected and analyzed by the Census Bureau for the Bureau of Justice Statistics, include events that were reported to the police and those that were not. The 71 statistical tables, covering information on victims, offenders, crime characteristics, and other topics, are derived from the portion of the NCS sample that is within California. Occupants of an average of 15,000 housing units were interviewed in that State each year. Information they provided was used to calculate crime rates and other estimates, most of which are presented as mean rates for the years 1974-77. Yearly crime and police reporting rates are given for that period as well. The following crimes are covered: rape, personal robbery, assault, personal and household larceny, residential burglary, and motor vehicle theft. Excluded from consideration are crimes experienced by Californians outside the country and by nonresident visitors. the survey methodology, and include technical notes to aid in the interpretation of survey results. A glossary is given. (Author abstract modified)

Part of the Criminal Victimization Series


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