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Publication Census of Jails, 1978, Volume 1 - Data for Individual Jails in the Northeast

August 1, 1981    NCJ 72279

These jails are located in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The report for each region includes eight tables containing data on the following items for each jail in the region: (1) types of persons confined (adult, juvenile, male, female); (2) average daily population; (3) number of inmates as of February 15, 1978, by detention status (i.e., not yet arraigned, arraigned and awaiting trial, awaiting sentence, serving sentence); (4) number of inmates held for other authorities; (5) institutional characteristics, including design capacity, renovation or new construction plans, and average floor space of confinement units; (6) number of employees by category (administration, custodial, service, other) and whether full-time or part-time; (7) medical services; (8) participation in work-release and weekend sentence programs; and (9) inmate mortality. Within each regional volume, the individual jails are listed by State and county. Data totals are displayed for each State. Data for the survey were collected and tabulated for the Bureau of Justice Statistic by the Bureau of the Census.

Part of the Census of Jails Series

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