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Publication Functional Requirements Analysis of State Identification Bureaus

October 1, 1980    NCJ 76020

Data were obtained from site visits to six State bureaus and two local agencies, where staff were interviewed and documents reviewed. Organizational aspects discussed include primary areas of functional operation (such as fingerprint identification and preparation of Uniform Crime Reports), central and internal organizational structures, and unit functions. Administrative areas described include budgeting and budget analysis, staffing, and personnel functions (such as job classification and salary determination, recruitment, and training). Facility management, planning, and performance requirements are also discussed. In addition, bureau functional requirements identified in a survey of 45 State identification agencies are presented, following a description of the workflow of a typical bureau, including the identification process, search techniques, file structures, transmission modes, and processing techniques. Data quality, the cost benefit of automated search systems, standards development, and the use of fully automated systems are also discussed. Relations with the FBI and local interfaces are described. Also described are purging procedures, security and privacy issues, training needs, and the nationwide exchange of criminal history information nationally. Tabular data and charts are provided. Appendixes include discussions of survey methodology, a copy of the survey questionnaire, and a 21-item bibliography. For a description of the systems development plan, see NCJ 76021. For an executive summary of the findings and recommendations, see NCJ 76022.


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